Water & Sewer Department

The Water and Sewer Department maintains and constructs or contracts all water and sewer facilities within the town. Responsibilities include operation and maintenance of the town's water lines, pumps, hydrants, etc. Also, pressure washing sewer lines to allow proper flow and vacuuming sewer lift stations to remove grease and debris.

The Water and Sewer Department works with builders in the addition of new construction, maintains meters and provides meter readings for billing on a six-month basis.


The Water and Sewer Department is required to be certified in all areas mandated by Town, State and Federal regulatory agencies, which pertain to water and sewer functions. It is the Water and Sewer Department.'s responsibility to ascertain that the town remains in compliance with all government agency requirements.


As Water and Sewer Department clerk, it is my responsibility to make sure that the department is running efficiently. Any questions or concerns contact me at 973-268-2431.